Sharpen your senses

Broaden your perception and open your heart. With an open mind, unexpected possibilities open up for you.

Holistic horse walk

Horses have the incredible ability to recognize where you are in life and know what is important to you ...

The basics of the horsemanship

Horses communicate through their body, through their energy and their connection to the heart. I teach you this subtle type of communication through simple exercises.

Just being – in the herd

The encounter with the horses creates magical moments that help us to relax.

Horse trekking

You get to know our horses and I'll show you the basics of handling them. Together we prepare the horses, pack them with our food and go to Finca la Sierra.

Activate self-healing powers for you and your animal

Our hands are a huge source of energy. Often we only use them to feel and grasp, but we rarely use their energy consciously.