Wishes, ideas, goals sometimes seem so distant to us.

“Goals have to be worked hard!” “You will never make it!” “You can’t!” – most of us know these sentences. They prevent us from realizing our wishes and ideas.


“Just wish it for yourself, but in the right way
(Pierre Franckh)

In nature, on the horse pasture, in the midst of the herd, we can experience ourselves as part of the universe, as part of the entire being.

In the horse herd we are part of a community that allows us to come to rest, where we can experience connectedness and grounding. They strengthen us their presence . They bring us into the here and now. You realize that you are not a single being cut off from the rest of the world. You feel that everything is connected to everything. By tapping into this energy in your true self, you can achieve anything you desire.

This is the ideal place to have a cup of coffee (or tea) to manifest your desires.

Become the designer of your life!

Wishes want to be felt and correctly formulated, in order to be able to be realized. Together we start to visualize your heart’s desires. We bring them to the present. I will teach you simple methods that you can use in everyday life in order to make your dreams come true. We will implement some of them directly. Who knows if your first wish becomes true instantly?

Duration: 1h
Costs: 30 euro

Register now, enjoy your coffee and make your wishes come true!