Workshop Mindfulness

Are you losing yourself in the hustle and bustle of the day? Only have to meet others demands?

We will teach you how to cope with your daily life!

Here and now, at this moment, lies the power. Mindfulness guides you to yourself. It brings you back to the present moment.

Would you like to be more attentive?

Watch yourself and be curious about the abundance of new possibilities in every moment.

During the course we take time for ourselves, for our feelings and our needs.

Come to rest in the silence of nature; be in the here and now.

Through practices, conversations and with the support of our horses (voluntarily), you get new insights and perspectives for your life.

Through improved mindfulness you are able to use your skills and talents more positively.

Attention, to be attentive, means:

Attention – Where does your attention direct to?

T rust – Do you trust yourself? And if so, others?

T olerance – Do you tolerate your opinion? And if so, the one of others, too?

E vidence – Do you always need evidence, that you are great? Or do you just know it?

Nonchalance – can you accept it from others? And if so, from yourself, too?

T ransformation – Are you ready for transformation? The one that relates to you, only?

I ntuition – Are you intuitive towards you? And if yes, to others, too?

O penness – What does openness mean to you? In relation to yourself, to others, but also from others?

N on-yielding – Do you feel yourself sound, firm and prepared for your future learnings?

Plase note: primary course language is German

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