Come to rest
Listen to the silence
Be free
To be one

We often distance ourselves from ourselves through external circumstances. Stress and hustle and bustle make it difficult to breathe deeply and relax. We just “work”.

I invite you to join the horses Be . Experience the essence of the horses with all your senses and become part of the herd.

We sit down together with the horses and watch them – just let it happen. Over time the horses will integrate us into the herd and make us part of the whole. Touches, feelings, emotions are allowed to arise. Whether we talk about the feelings and observations or not does not matter here. You can also simply enjoy quietly for yourself. You just can be you .

The encounter with the horses creates magical moments again and again if we manage to put aside our expectations and ideas.

Experience yourself and the closeness, connection, gentleness and calm of the horses.

Duration: 1 hour
Price: 30 euro

Come to rest, make an appointment now!